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About Us

We were established in 1997 by  Victor E. Nauman, who wanted to create an entertainment company focusing on quality of service, reasonable prices, and catering to diverse walks of life. Since 1997 462 entertainment has grown into a brand in every price point with a quality of service record that exceeds expectations. We are always here for you before, during, and after the event and treat every event with unique and special care that it deserves.


At 462 entertainment we have numerous price points, packages, and services to meet the needs for most budgets. Call or email us we usually respond with in a hour during normal business hours 


Our team is some of the best in the industry . Victor has assembled this team from his years of networking and mentoring  younger talent to become a professional.You can be rest assured the talent you book is the talent you receive.

​Equipment And Music


At 462 entertainment we only use the best equipment for all of our events, and are fully insured in the event of mis-hap. We always have a complete back-up on sight that can be ready to go in fifteen to 20 minutes. 

Music : 

At 462 entertainment we have a music database of 425000 songs dating all the  way back to 1950s. We have radio friendly edits for your  special day as well as other versions if needed.